Beach Cottage – Home Tour

I love the beach. Sandy feet and the smell of the ocean make me happy, and so I secretly envy people who have a permanent view of the ocean. It seems when you live at the beach that you’re allowed to take things a little easier. And that is exactly why the Roux family bought this quaint beach house 25 years ago, when Melkbosstrand was still a little seaside West Coast village. The owner, Ronel, says that they dreamed of retiring
 there, but when her youngest was about to go to high school, they had the house renovated and made the move. She has not looked back, because yes, every day does feel like a holiday. We love the homely feel of the house. And I can just imagine friends and loved ones feeling rejuvenated after a visit to this cosy cottage. As always the wonderful Yolandé Marx was there to snap away at all the pretty rooms.

How would you describe your style?

 Rustic; I love antiques and any furniture with a weathered look.

What inspires you?

New places I discover on my travels, interesting fabrics, antique pieces, anything that tells a story, and my family.

Why do you love your home?

It is a peaceful place where I am surrounded by things I love. It’s also a lovely space where I could create a great home for my children. They still like to escape here from the hustle and bustle of the city life. And the view of the ocean when I stand in my kitchen early in the mornings … priceless.

What do your DIY projects include?

Making a lot of the cushions, curtains, table cloths, and bed spreads which I made myself. I also like to paint the walls and do my own gardening … and believe me, creating and English country garden is not easy along the sandy, windy West Coast!

Your advice for home decor enthusiasts?

Follow your heart and be confident with your choices. Don’t be scared to do what you like and what makes you happy. If it comes from the heart, you’ll find that you not only love your home, but it will also be a warm and comfortable house, and your guests will like it too.

What was your biggest challenge?

While renovating, our priority was to create a comfortable family home and a bedroom for each of our four children. This turned out to be a big challenge, and so was the layout of the kitchen because the building space that we had was quite small. At present the only challenge is making sure the garden survives the weather.

What do you love most about your home?

The hearth, where in winter we spend hours listening to music, drinking red wine and braaiing. It’s a great place for us and our friends to relax and build memories, and the dining room table is often moved to the side when the family gets in the mood for dancing.

What is your favourite destination?

Any family holiday destination, I really enjoyed the Greek Islands and also local gems like Greyton.

Who is your style hero?

My daughter who has just started her own business revamping and selling old furniture and making beautiful tablecloths, cushions etc.