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At the end of every year my mom frantically starts organising all her cupboards and drawers, and this year I found myself doing the same. After our first year of living together in a teeny tiny house it was also time for my husband and me to reorganise. This could potentially be a very tiring project, especially after a long year. However, I decided to tackle this project cupboard for cupboard, and drawer for drawer. I must admit that I haven’t finished and I think by now the drawer I started with, is already a mess again … but before my new academic year starts, I want to at least  finish my office, or should I say workspace?!
My office is also our guest room and laundry room, so I have very limited space. Therefore I have to make sure that everything has its specific place. We had to think of clever ways to arrange the room so that there is space for everything, and even more difficult, so that it still looks pretty! I love going to storage shops and buying containers and boxes, but that can become quite expensive. I did buy a few plastic containers for all my husband’s stuff, so that he could pack it away and slide it under the bed or place it on top of a cupboard.

Here’s how we organised my workspace

As far as possible I tried to use things that I already had like jam jars, for ribbons buttons and threads. I also moved old shutters that I had in the kitchen into my workspace so I could put notes, pictures and business cards on them. Wooden laundry pins also come in handy in they can serve as pins or bookmarks. I also found a vintage briefcase (‘n tassie) for papers and notes (see the last picture). We painted the back of the door with blackboard paint (also see Martha Stewart’s calendar that she created with different shades of blackboard paint).
Another idea, that I got from our very own Christine, was to paint a canvas and use it as a notice board. Unfortunately all the above-mentioned ideas are not my own, I found them on many different sites and blog. It would be such a waste to not to use them again, so I thought I would share all these inspiring images with you. We would also love to know if you have any clever organising or storage ideas. Please feel free to comment.
From the top down, both from A Creative Mint, both from A Creative Mint. From left to right,white office space  Designspiration SK , Desk with pink lampshade Ish & Chi Blog, Blackboard calender Martha Stewart , Notice Board Canadian House and Home, From left to right, sharing office space Martha Stewart, Work station with plates Style Files, Ribbons from Everything Fabulous and Desk with shutters from Heavenspie via Flickr