All Natural Inspiration brought to you by Kellogg’s Special K® Oats & Honey

Today we start a short little series inspired by Kellogg’s Special K Oats & Honey. These two ingredients, oats and honey, served as the inspiration for all today’s warm winter wedding ideas.Here the days are getting shorter and the crisp winter air is a reminder that it’s now time to move inside. But for me this new season also brings along new delights. I find it sad that winter is often overlooked by couples when they choose a wedding date. The chilly time of year has its own charm – and all the girls here at The Pretty Blog are falling in love with it all over again.We would like to challenge you to try something new this winter. Take a look at the changing winter landscape and find inspiration for your wedding around you, in nature. We just love the rough simplicity that natural elements add to a look.Winter colours are more muted, the trees bare and the sky grey. Use this as your starting point. So instead of opting for bold and bright colours, for a winter wedding you can focus more on texture, shape and natural hues.
We simply love using natural materials such as twigs, leather, wool and oats. To add a little warmth, combine these elements with golden honey, and you’ll be sure to have a honey-kissed winter. Remember that handmade creations and raw, natural materials will lend a personal and refreshing touch to your wedding.All these ideas will be brought to you by Kellogg’s Special K Oats & Honey. To make breakfast more exciting this winter, Special K will be available in delicious new Oats & Honey for a limited time only. With just 2.5% fat, Special K provides a source of vitamin C which promotes healthy skin, nails and hair, B vitamins to help boost your energy and vitality, as well as iron for stamina. Each wheat-and-rice flake is deliciously crisp and crunchy. It’s perfect in every way – helping you to feel special and look absolutely fabulous!