Nifty Egg Box & Easter Tag DIY Printable

Easter is around the corner, which means it’s time get those creative juices flowing. This year, add a personalised touch to your Easter treats to make them extra special. Our DIY today is a quick and easy gift idea and a great way to recycle those old egg boxes you have lying around the house!

After you’ve added some magic to those white eggs, Nelia, from Nooi Kreatief, designed Happy Easter tags that you can print and use as gift cards to top it all off. Enjoy!


Make it 

The Box:

  1. Print out the PDF design onto 250gsm paper.
  2. Score the dotted lines with a bread knife to make folding easier.
  3. Cut out and spray with spray glue or add Pritt or double sided tape to stick labels onto the box.
  4. Add some straw to the egg holder holes for a natural effect.
  5. Place chocolate Easter eggs inside the box. 

The Tags:

  • Print out the PDF design onto 250gsm paper.
  • Cut out and pierce a hole through the top of the tag.
  • Thread rope or rafia through the hole and tie tag around your gift.