Mulberry & Prince: The New Kid On The Block

We were totally besotted with the “new kid on the block”, Mulberry & Prince, from the first glimpse of their modern, art deco interiors and signature artworks by Kurt Pio! This pretty hangout is decor dreamy, with style inspiration straight out of NYC. They focus their approach on seasonal, quality ingredients and a shared menu, which all come together to create a sense of relaxed comfort. They were kind enough to create some mouthwatering dishes in their new space one afternoon, which were beautifully captured for us by the talented Andrea van der Spuy.

Tell us some more about Mulberry & Prince

Mulberry & Prince is actually a street corner in Soho, New York City. It’s a super trendy area, with lots of new things popping up and one of our favourite areas to hang out. We were always talking about opening our own spot because it’s every chef’s dream to be able to do their own thing. Cornel came back to Cape Town to visit family, the opportunity arose and we took it.

What made you choose this location?

It wasn’t a matter of being in a trendy area. When we first saw the space on 12 Pepper, we automatically knew it was something we wanted to make ours and it just so happened to be off Bree Street. Come on! Who can turn down a heritage building with hidden stone walls? This space had all the potential from the get go.

What have been some of the most memorable experiences?

The craziest moments are when guests order food that’s not even on the menu or when guests offer to marry us, because they enjoyed their meal so much!

Any favourites on the menu?

Some signature dishes would be the lamb ribs with spice crust and a drizzle of honey, as well as the ricotta dumplings with shimeji mushrooms and grana padano. Our favourite dishes are definitely the ricotta dumplings and the buttermilk panna cotta with hibiscus vinegar!

What’s the vibe like?

We serve up good food, with super good service in a chilled environment.

The really important info, like opening times?

We are located on 12 Pepper Street, Cape Town CBD (just off of Bree Street). We are open from Tuesday to Saturday, 18:00 to 22:00 and we are closed on Sunday and Monday. For reservations please email us at or call us on 021 422 3301.

Some final advice

Because we’re so young, age is a topic that always comes up and we live our lives believing that you determine where you want to go in life and how successful you want to become, regardless of that one number