El Burro Newlands – Modern Mexican at Its Finest!

It’s no secret that we love good food and Mexican is a definite favourite here at The Pretty Blog. We were so excited to hear about another El Burro branch opening up and when we spotted their colourful walls and festive decor, we weren’t disappointed! We asked owner Nic Haarhoff to tell us more about this latest addition to the El Burro family.

About El Burro

Essentially, Newlands is an extension of Greenpoint but we didn’t want to stick to the norm of a copy/paste expansion and decided to make each space unique. Naturally, customers will see a few common elements, but the spaces will all have a different feel to them. The idea is that you can go to two of the venues in the same week, but have a slightly different experience at each one.

Styling it up

We draw a lot of influence from our tips to Mexico but when you walk into El Burro Newlands, it’s not immediately obvious that it’s a Mexican restaurant because we’ve moved away from the typical clichés. We decided to take a more modern approach, with clean lines and use architectural influences you’d see in Mexico. Once settled in, let your eye wonder and you’ll notice lots of little bits that make up the Mexican atmosphere.

We spent a lot of time and effort opening up the space and adding a massive window which stretches the length of the shop, from floor to ceiling. It created an open space, which still has an element of coziness to it. In the evening, when the restaurant is full, there is a festive atmosphere with fun conversations abound.

Must-try items on the menu

According to our regulars, our Ceviche is definitely a much-loved dish. We use angelfish, or yellow tail when the angel is not available. We finely dice the fish, mix it with chopped tomato, chopped red onion, a hint of ginger, chopped coriander and it’s finished with fresh lime juice. Ceviche is one of the quintessential South American dishes and widely eaten in Mexico.

Another must-try would be the house-made Mole Poblano – the national dish of Mexico, made with 30 herbs and spices and finished with a 70% dark chocolate. Certainly a unique dish! Tacos are also an obvious choice and our battered Fish Tacos and Chilorio Pork Tacos are the favourites. Lastly, something a bit different for our South African plates is the Goat Taco. Seven hour braised goat, which is pulled and served as one of our Build Your Own Tacos.

Visit Us

Find us at Newlands Quarter on 37a Dean Street in Newlands. You can make a reservation by calling 021 201 1421 or visiting www.elburro.co.za. We are open Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 23:00.