Raptor Room: A Roeland Street Restaurant With a Fun Side

Always keen to visit new spots around the country, we were excited to get a look at a new kid on the block in Cape Town’s artsy Roeland Street area. We loved the funky green and pink décor, with all the quirky elements and tropical vibrancy! We asked Raptor Room‘s owner, Danel, to tell us more about this colourful hangout.

About Raptor Room

We wanted to blend the traditional with the quirky. The name came from a silly drunken conversation about ceramic pink raptors for our garden and the name just rang true – I mean, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! The tropical oasis décor, hip hop beats and dedication to support everything local all ties into who we are.

What to try

Give the Popcorn Chicken a go if you just want a small bite. For a main meal, try the Jurassic Pork Gatsby. The East City Precinct, in Cape Town, is a very up-and-coming area. It’s still finding its own, unique voice, but it’s buzzing! Our clientele is a diverse bunch and we’re trying our best to cater to anybody and everybody.

Visit Us

Find us at 79 Roeland Street, in Cape Town, from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 23:00. We are closed on Sundays, but that will change once we have a liquor license (which will be soon, so keep your eyes on our social media pages because some exciting things are happening!).