Wishing You A Happy Natural Neutral Easter!

Easter has always been one of my favourite celebrations. Having grown up in a Catholic home there was always an emphasis on the religious significance of Easter with Good Friday being the most important date in the Christian calendar. Strangely, Good Friday always had a gloom about it for me – from the weather to the quietness of things on that day. In contrast, waking up on Easter Sunday was always an exuberant, joyful time – I would rally my siblings and wake my sleepy parents, filled with the glee and anticipation of the Easter Egg Hunt, and a day filled with chocolate and marshmallow.

Traditionally Easter is a colourful celebration – I think of brightly wrapped chocolate eggs, beacons of bright colour – giving themselves away in the bushes, on top of bookshelves and hidden in shoes. But, in keeping with our natural theme for March, we took inspiration from this fresh, natural Easter shoot by Natalie Shelton. We love that a neutral colour palette has just as striking an effect as a colourful one does.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend from The Pretty Blog Team!



We have been plagued by grey skies and snow here in Hamburg, and wanted to bring some sunshine and spring into our lives. My two-year old son, Noah, is quite accustomed to mom’s drop of the hat shoots, so there was little resistance when I asked him, and one of his friends, to pose for us. They put on their shorts and I put on a dress – it was so nice to get rid of our winter jackets for an afternoon. You never would have guessed that there were buckets of snow outside.

I know that Easter is a very colourful event, but I decided to tone it down a notch. The ‘keep it simple’ principle is evident everywhere in our house; it’s in the clothes we wear and in the images I shoot – I love it clean and fresh. Plus, our studio had recently been painted completely white and I wanted to incorporate that into the theme. I am a firm believer that you don’t have to go overboard with decor and colour to create something special. All you need is a wooden rabbit, some quail eggs and bit of rosemary and, voila!