Pretty Printable for a Fun Gift Wrap

A few of us in the office have reached that age where all our friends and family have started to have kids. This means that our weekends are, more often than not, spent looking for gifts as we attend the little ones’ birthday parties. Although we’re happy to wrap the carefully chosen toy in the wrapping paper available in the shops, sometimes we feel the urge to go the extra mile and make it a bit more personal – even though we know it’s going to be excitedly torn off either way! 

Hello it’s Matilda created this stunning design, which could easily be printed on an A3 sheet of paper for homemade wrapping paper or on small gift bags. The ideas are endless! Whether it’s for a party or just as gift for a close friend “just because”, all you have to do is download the design and print it out. As easy as that! (It just depends on the type of printer you have, but we’ve found that the printing shop around the corner is very helpful when it comes to the bigger prints). 

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