Our Editor’s Favourite New Mama Must-Haves

I’ve spent 2016 preparing for a brand new role to start soon – in September I’ll be a first time mama! It’s been a really wonderful time, with friends, family and strangers expressing their support and – of course – bits of advice. It can also be a slightly overwhelming time – preparing for a dependent little person, and wanting to make sure that their environment is soothing and happy when they do arrive.

While prepping for our little one’s arrival I discovered some gorgeous, proudly local products for new moms that I really love. These are just a few of my suggested must-haves for both you and your new babe.


Little Person Clothes

Tiny fashion finds are an irresistible part of being pregnant. And with lots of lovely local online baby fashion brands, I must confess it’s been hard to resist adding something little to the collection every now and then. 

While Cotton On, Country Road, Earth Child and H&M have some awesome stuff I’ve loved discovering the smaller creative local brands that you can shop online. Have a look at Tic Tac Toe and Panda & Frost and you’ll see what I mean! 

Photo by Samantha du Toit

It’s a Tiny Teepee!

As a kid I really loved building little fortresses and teepees to play in. Thankfully my mom was patient about the blankets and sheets strung up between her furniture and all over the house. So when I saw My Tiny Teepee’s little tents I knew I’d need to get one of these for my own mini-me.

Have a look.

Photo by Louzelle van Dyk

Pretty Paper Goods for Baby’s Room

At Bright Owl hand-illustrated foxes and zebras dash across pages alongside land rovers and bicycles, sparking imagination in young hearts and minds with a hint of adventure and a touch of whimsy, while carefully chosen words tell little ones that they’re loved and valued. Gorgeous illustrations to frame and display in little one’s room.

Not only do I love Bright Owl’s paper goods but I love the story behind the brand too. Elke started Bright Owl because she wanted to be able to work flexible hours when she brought her adopted daughter home. Then Celeste joined her on the adventure after she and her husband also became the proud parents of their adopted son – so these days their work meetings include toys, bottles, nap times and bath times!

Fashion Forward Nappy Bags

It is really such a bonus when you can find one of those vital, functional mama-must-haves that also happens to look incredibly cool at the same time. I fell in love with these locally produced genuine leather nappy bags by Taylor Covington. It’s a roomy bag with antique brass fittings, a water-resistant lining, six internal elastic pouches and two inner zip pockets, one containing a matching nappy changing mat. They come in a lovely range of colours and can definitely also be used for work, travel or when you are off mom duty!

Check them out and get your own here.

Photo by: Basque Imagery

Gentle Products for New Skin

A friend introduced me to Oh Lief’s complete range of natural body products, made from 100% natural and organic raw ingredients, sourced locally. Throughout my pregnancy I’ve used their Roman Chamomile body wax and their natural olive tummy wax for the expanding belly – and it’s been a soothing lifesaver. Can’t wait to use their gentle, full baby product range on my little one’s soft skin.

Photo by: Basque Imagery

Treat-Yourself Sleepwear

As a new mom, you’re inevitably going to be spending a lot more time in your pj’s. For the first time I’ve really splashed out and treated myself to some beautiful button down pyjamas that have been wonderful for pregnancy and will be comfortable for hospital and maternity leave.

Have a look at some of our favourite local sleepwear brands here.

A Cute Cot

After asking about the gender of your baby the very next thing people want to know about is the nursery – “is it ready!?” When I was planning our babe’s space I wanted to find a cot that was beautiful, modern, affordable and unique – something I could pass down as an heirloom.

I found the Bambu cot, designed exclusively for Clever Little Monkey, an online retailer of baby and kids furniture, bedding & decor. It’s a hand crafted, eco-friendly product with the added benefit that it converts into a toddler bed when you remove the front panel, making it a furniture piece with practical longevity. 

The Minimalist’s Mobile

Add that finishing touch to your baby’s room with a beautiful minimalist mobile or play gym from KIN Culture. I love the little felt characters and jingling bead strings that will dangle above baby’s head and I also love that these are products with a good cause – you can read more about KIN Culture’s mission here.