Neutrals & Minimalism in the Dunes of Hamburg

A beautiful family, in gorgeous pastels, enjoying the sunshine of the German countryside. What could be better? We loved how easy it was to make each other laugh and their little one was just adorable, stealing the all the spotlight. We asked the photographer, Natalie Shelton, to tell us more about bringing the day together and some advice for other families hoping to replicate the this look.  

Finding Paradise

It’s hard to believe that just 20 minutes’ drive from the center of Hamburg lies a sandy paradise. When I first scouted the location, I’d chucked my shoes in the car and wandered barefoot through the warm sand, thinking (mistakenly) that there must be a body of water nearby. The location is truly a photographer’s dream, with sand, dunes, horses and a forest.

The couple is one half doctor, one half designer and they arrived in matching pastel outfits. Their little cherub didn’t complain once and only had smiles to dish out. It proved just how important wardrobe and location are for a successful day. I aways advise families to choose neutral colours when deciding on their outfits – I’m all about neutrals and minimalism.