Fun-Filled First Birthday Celebration

A cake smashing is a fun rite of passage, both for the parents and little one, as they celebrate a year filled with firsts. This adorable shoot had us gushing over the idea of a doughnut smashing – something a bit different but still honouring that initial sugar rush! We asked mom, Bianca, to tell us what made them decide to do this shoot and a few tips for other parents who want to do something a bit different. 

The story of the shoot

Benjamin’s first birthday was a very special milestone for us, especially as we’d been praying and waiting for him for a number of years. Life passes by too quickly and we wanted to celebrate the day as a family and to create memories that captured Benjamin’s personality and adventurous spirit. He’s so curious and everything, from the confetti to the camera, was up for grabs! A post-donut, sticky-tot, covered in confetti – what’s not to love about that?!

We wanted to celebrate Benjamin’s first birthday with a natural shoot – we simply wanted to capture joy. 

The Look

The tradition of a first birthday is a “cake smashing” but we thought that the simplicity of a doughnut was much more engaging. We figured that simple joy is so timeless, so we opted for a neutral background and a basic white vest (so that nothing could distract him or detract from his reaction). The minimalist in me was tempted to use white confetti but the colours were definitely more whimsical and, as we couldn’t find any, we made it ourselves!