How To Make This Fabulous Felt Flower Mobile

We absolutely love Lia Griffith and her amazing DIY crafts. We came across a few beautiful crafts which we thought we’d share, especially with school holidays here and the winter weather keeping us all indoors! This sweet, felt mobile is as easy as one, two, three and such a modern touch to any child’s room. You’ll need to download this template from her website and for only $5 you get access to all of her incredible designs! We will also be posting a few more crafts in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep an eye out for more handmade pretties and a bit about the craft queen herself.

Tell us a bit more about Lia Griffith and where it all started.

I have always been a maker. I grew up in a house of crafters – my Dad built our house, Mom made all our clothes and my sisters and I were always encouraged to be creative. It’s something I almost took for granted until a few years ago, when I began designing and making paper flowers for a wedding stationery blog. I realised from the reaction they received, that there was a place for elegant, simple DIY paper craft projects so I took a giant leap out on my own and set up It began as a place to share my paper flower designs but quickly grew to include all my inspiration for living a handcrafted lifestyle, from fun kids crafts to handmade jewellery, home decor, wedding decorations and party goods.

Where do you find inspiration for new DIYs?

There is inspiration everywhere I look! From the fashion runway to home interior trends. I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I am surrounded by the most beautiful mountains, ocean and forests – nature plays a big role in my designs! Quite often my designs are inspired by a need – I recently shared a tutorial for a cute “wash me/wear me” travel laundry bag because I’d been traveling to different cities for local and national TV appearances.

Do you try each one yourself?

Yes, I have two craft assistants (my sister and my niece) but we work through designs and tutorials together. It’s important to me that our tutorials be easy to follow and our designs simple to achieve. We want our readers to be successful in their crafts and to enjoy the process, so simplicity is key to all of our projects.

A DIY project to get started on: Felt flower mobile

This flower mobile would be a great project to do as you prepare for your newborn or as a wonderful baby shower gift to a daughter or friend who is expecting. You can also get creative with this project – make a flower mobile using the same technique with any felt bloom, like some cute tropical flowers, rose buds or even pretty succulents for fall. If you’re interested in other baby mobile projects, take a look at our hot air balloon mobile or our adorable paper raincloud mobile. 

– Enjoy, Lia 


  • The inner circle of an embroidery hoop (the outer circle has a clamp, so don’t use that one)
  • Felt
  • Embroidery floss
  • Ribbons (we chose a very springy colour scheme for our flower mobile with light greens, yellows, blush pinks, and white, but feel free to choose any colour scheme that you fancy)
  • A complementary colour of embroidery floss and another pretty ribbon (to hang the mobile once it is finished)
  • The template for the anemones and leaves is available for download here – use it as a guide for cutting your felt pieces


  1. After you assemble your flowers, using the downloadable template, use a thick needle to string your flowers and leaves together with the embroidery floss.
  2. Assort your blooms and leaves randomly. I’ve included some strands with only leaves, and some strands with both leaves and blooms.
  3. You won’t have to tie each piece in place (they should stay naturally), but be sure to tie a knot at the bottom of each strand.
  4. Use a bit of hot glue if you want to make the bottom blooms even more secure. Next, prepare your hoop as the base for your flower mobile.
  5. Cover the wood with felt (I’ve used two pieces of felt for my hoop) and secure the seams with hot glue inside the hoop.
  6. Tie embroidery floss strands around the hoop with a basic knot to secure, and then add some hot glue to hold the strands in place.
  7. The last step in making your felt flower mobile is to add a pretty ribbon to the hoop. I used three pieces of beautiful organza ribbon, secured each piece to the hoop with hot glue and then tied the three pieces together at the top. Simple!