An Expectant Pair on A River Bank

Adam and Amanda became good friends of mine shortly after I shot their wedding, and when I met up with them in New York for their 6 month anniversary shoot I was delighted to find out that they were expecting. The last 9 months have been exciting as they prepared for their little family to grow. We made a plan to get together just days before Amanda’s due date to get some photos of just the two of them together for the last time. Amanda was such a trooper, climbing rocks as we navigated our way around the river. Shortly after the shoot their baby girl was welcomed into the world. It was such a pleasure to capture these beautiful last minute moments of the two of them on the verge of parenthood.

~ Kaytee Lauren, Photographer  

The Inspiration

I knew I wanted our maternity photos to be simple and natural. Being three days out from my due date at the time of the shoot, keeping it easy and carefree (and low impact!) was extremely important. Kaytee has captured the most treasured times in our life so far, from our engagement, our wedding in the Outer Banks, and an anniversary shoot in New York City. She gets our style and always knows how to make us comfortable allowing the real “us” comes out in every photo. This shoot represented the beginning of so many new journeys and we couldn’t be happier with the memories we now have forever.

The Location

We had just relocated from NYC and thought the James River represented everything we were so excited to get back to and raise our daughter around – nature, beauty, simplicity, and of course, the South!

The Arrival 

Our daughter, Faire, was born on August 12th. When she arrived, we immediately fell in love in a way neither of us ever imagined was possible. From her eyes, to her ears, toes to nose, she is absolutely perfect in every way. Our life has definitely changed, but there is no question it is for the better.