A Trendy Nursery for This Family’s Memorable Moments

It’s always a fun, happy time when a family gets together to capture special moments together. Memories that will last a lifetime. We loved that Kenne, Adele, Ava and Molly invited us into their home and, judging from all the laughter, were obviously in their element! The beautifully modern nursery decor, Ava’s adorable outfit and the touches of pink retro inspiration making its way into the background made this a day not to be missed! We asked mom, Adele, to tell us all about it.

Our Day

We wanted it to be as relaxed and natural as possible. We wanted memories of us in our first home as a family so we spent the day with Claudia on a lovely summer afternoon to capture some of our favourite moments. Claudia is such a kind, talented photographer, how could we not enjoy this shoot?! 

About Us

Every day with Ava is such a blessing. She filled our lives with a joy we never knew before and we love holding her close and telling her how much we love her. She’s shy but loves people and going outside or visiting new places. Her best friend is Molly, our dog, and they absolutely love playing with each other. We enjoy spending time with friends and family, our daily walks with Molly and lazy, long lunches in the winelands on weekends.

The Decor

I love Ava’s nursery and took time to make sure that it ticks all the boxes of unique, modern and a touch of fun! We’re minimalists at heart and usually don’t use a lot of colour in our home decor but we wanted to add a dash of fun for this joyous occasion. My husband and I loved looking around for things to make her room special. There are so many “must-haves” you need to buy for a baby, but we wanted to make it a fun, relaxed project and it was! My husband also loved being involved and helped me a lot – we’ll always cherish those moments together.

The Elements

There are so many beautiful wall decals these days, it was difficult to choose just one. We wanted the main colours to be grey and white, with a splash of black and watermelon pink. I love the simplicity of the cot! We also designed a special book case for all the books from our childhood. They are very dear to us and we read them to her every night. We painted the room ourselves when I was very pregnant – I will always remember that weekend!