Easter Celebration: The Expresso Show Feature

Last Friday we headed to the picturesque farm, Natte Valleij, to shoot our Easter decor ideas for The Expresso Show. For the Easter table we wanted to create a very natural look with lots of texture. Hermien from Flowers in the Foyer helped with all the beautiful arrangements. She incorporated quail eggs, bark, twine and feathers. The fun, animal elements like the birds and the bunnies were added to make it more child-friendly and fun! The Easter celebration also included an Easter egg hunt with lots and lots of adorable children, including the beautiful Milner children from Natte Valleij.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped us with the shoot. Firstly, the Milners from Natte Valleij and Alex from Boer and Brit Wines for letting us shoot on your beautiful farm. And to the Milners’ five grandchildren for taking part in our Easter egg hunt. They were so entertaining. Another big thank you to all the moms Adi, Janneke, Marie-Louise and Anna Marie for bringing your little ones to take part in our Easter egg hunt. Hermien from Flowers in the Foyer, Anelle from Seven Swans, Annari from Nelle Cakes, Sonja Moore from Clay Art and Poetry, you all deserve a standing ovation. Beautifully captured by Claudia De Nobrega. Tune in on Friday morning around 8:15 on SABC 3 to see our Easter feast.