Summer Wedding in ‘French’ Styled Banquet

Today we’d like to take you on a journey to a summer wedding banquet in Provence, France. Yolande Marx and a team of amazing people bring to life something truly unique with this styled wedding shoot. We don’t often see the joy of the wining and dining around a wedding table in a shoot. The shoot brings to life the joy of a well designed wedding menu with the backdrop of a French banquet set in the vineyards of Provence.

Inspiration for the Shoot

After being involved in the wedding industry for quite a while,  a realisation hit home the other day: Why do the menu items always seem to come last? I believe it is because there is so much uncertainty around what the menu should contain as not all venues provide catering. Sometimes it comes down entirely to the bride to think of what her guests would enjoy on her wedding day. Designing a menu for so many guests can be exhausting. I believe we can put some sincere effort on educating brides about the food for their wedding day. There is a lot to say on food choices, foods according to seasons and the cost of specific food recipes for a wedding day. I believe this shoot is the first step of many shoots that will help brides to get rid of food uncertainty.

Recreate it at home

Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Carry your tables and chairs outside, preferably under some trees. Don’t stress it out if you have mismatched chairs.; in the province of Provence, anything goes. Make runners from the flora and fauna around you. We used olive branches and some lavender flowers. Consider edible elements as well, it adds to the wholesome feeling of the meal. We used pots of herbs from the garden. After you have the general look and feel in the garden, bring out the candles in glass jars, silverware and wooden boards with freshly cut bread. Like anyone from Provence will persuade you, this summer evening cannot go without bottles of red wine. We also made some bottles of rosemary-infused olive oil to enjoy with the bread.
Even though the focus was to bring to  light a wedding menu, we still want elements of decor, dresses and a magical theme.  My family originate from Provence in France, so it was easy to choose a theme for our first wedding menu shoot. The French love their food and we thought it applicable to use French inspired elements for a shoot focused on a wedding menu. We wanted to show a summer celebration with a banquet straight out of Provence. There had to be people (You cannot share laughs) laughing and drinking wine, breaking bread and enjoying food around the table. It’s not something that often features in styled wedding shoots.