Riaan & Leandri {Table Mountain Couple Shoot}

To set the mood for a happy and inspirational weekend, we feature the breathtakingly beautiful shoot of Riaan and Leandri as they braved the very top of Table Mountain for an engagement photo session. Christine Meintjes did some pre-wedding magic behind the lens as the two sweethearts will be tying the knot this coming September at Red Ivory Lodge near Hartbeespoort. Sharing a beautiful sunrise or sunset with a loved one while cherishing the fresh crisp air and panoramic views of our beautiful country. Well, we can’t think of a better way to enjoy a blissful weekend.

My sister and Riaan knew each other from university and after meeting up again after a few years, she gave him my number and proposed a phone call. What was suppose to be only a cup of coffee ended as dinner and an evening where time was irrelevant. A few months later Riaan proposed – we were secure in each other, understood love and ready to be responsible with what was entrusted to us. Wishful dreams and hopes of one day dissolved into reality!