Nadim & Tamlin – Love Boat

Oh, I just can’t resist a pretty engagement session. Especially one with a really cute theme, like this adorable rowboat themed shoot of the lovely Nadim and Tamlin.Tamlin says she is obsessed with anything vintage and has been dreaming of a rowboat photo shoot since she started dating Nadim.
Nadim is an old-fashioned gentleman and loves the classic suited look – bow ties, waistcoats, leather lace-ups, slicked back hair …  So this shoot was the perfect excuse to embrace their vintage alter egos and surround themselves with a touch of Old World romance. Lauren Kriedemann was there to capture all the special moments.

Tell us your love story.

We met over Facebook, and then again over email (it really is a lot more romantic than it sounds). After a few emails, Nadim asked me out for hot chocolate, hot chocolate turned into dinner and dinner turned into dating (but not straight away … )For a long time we tried to convince everyone (including ourselves) that we were ‘just friends’ – until one night, while watching Singing in the Rain we started ‘kissing on the couch’ ;)After one particularly magical kiss (sounds cheesy I know!) we realised what we had known all along – WE WERE IN LOVE!

So how did he pop the question?

It was an icy cold, lazy, rainy Sunday morning (my favourite type of day) and unbeknownst to me, Nadim had planned a drive up Chapman’s Peak. But I was adamant on having a quiet ‘indoors day’ (in my pyjamas). After a relaxed morning, a lot of fun and so many laughs, Nadim got up and walked over to his bag, he took out a small box and walked over to the bed (where I was still in my pyjamas, hair unbrushed). He got down on one knee and popped open the box, where the most incredible ring was staring at me, and asked me to be his wife …I went into complete shock. I laughed, cried, cried some more and then gave him a very emphatic yes!