Green & Pink {Inspiration}

I received an email a while ago from Kate, one of our readers. She needed help with her colour scheme. Kate already chose green as one of her colours for her wedding, but she didn’t know what other colour to use with it.

You can use many colours with green, for example white or yellow, but I advised her to use pink. Since it’s a summer wedding I thought that a happy pink would look great. Don’t stick to just one specific shade of green or pink. The different shades of the two colours will give your wedding a softer, more romantic feel.

In a perfect world you could use peonies, pink blossoms and tulips, but you might not be able to get hold of them in summer. But  hydrangeas are in season and would look great. Also ask your florist to use open roses in different shades of pink. They could look really pretty in green glass bottles.

For the decor choose different shades and sizes of ribbon and use them for bouquets, around napkins, in your bridesmaids’ hair, with your stationery or in a tree. The possibilities with ribbons are endless and those satin ribbons are really affordable. Green birdcages could also look really pretty as part of the table or ceremony decor. (Especially if you get married outdoors).

You could even incorporate the colour scheme into your menu. Berries and pomegranates are in season, so make sure you use lots of them. You could serve a pretty rocket salad with raspberries for example. Also choose a pink bubbly or serve a raspberry lemonade. For dessert or after dinner, include pink and green meringues or green and pink coconut ice.

The possibilities with this colour scheme are really endless, and can be fun, modern classic, stylish or romantic.

Row1: Green and Pink inspiration Board from Under a Blue Moon; Row 2: Bicycle with frowers from Somethings Hiding in Here ; Row 3: Real Wedding via Green Wedding Shoes; Row 4: Real Wedding via Green Wedding Shoes;Row 5: Rose Cupcake from Delicious Delights; Row 6: Patisserie table from Loveliest Day & Ruffled Blog; Row 7: Pink ruffled cake from Objective Cupcake, Macaroons Joy Hay via flickr ; Row 8: Roses and perfume bottles via Lovely Clusters ; Row 9: Two girls with a suitcase via Tumblr, headband Which Goose ; Row 10: Table with ribbon decor via Ucreate Parties , Bride and groom paper chains from Santa Barbara Chic; Row 11: I-love-you biscuits Nelle  Cakes ; Row 12: Flowers in glass bottles Design Sponge, Hydrangeas The Old Painted Cottage; Row 13: Bride with blossoms Jenny Packham Spring 2011 Campaign; Row 14: Women sitting on car via We heart it, Flowers from Martha Stewart Living; ; Row 15: Girl in car via Tumblr , Bridesmaid with green dress J Crew .