Easter Brunch – Printable

Easter Brunch

Hello there Pretty Blog readers! Since I last posted there have been some changes to our little studio and I thought I’d quickly share them before I get onto this week’s DIY. Because of our strong love of printable and a dream to bring our designs to the world, Lucky No. 9 has rebranded as the printerie. It’s still early days with our new venture but in the coming weeks we’ll be selling printable stationery for weddings, parties and small businesses from our online store. When we’re in the full swing of things you’ll be the first to know but until then we’ll try our hardest to offer some freebies on our blog to wet your appetite :)

And now onto this week’s DIY! The month of holidays is upon us and what better way to celebrate than a proper family brunch on Easter Sunday. With the air already nippier it’s the perfect time to dress the table with the last of the summer flowers and enjoy a delicious spread.

Today I’ve created 3 free printables, 2 of which you can edit yourselves! If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Pro you can use this program to edit the text fields on our namecard bunnies and on the basket invitation. Just open the pdf in Acrobat and edit the fields provided – we’ve already sorted out the colour and font size for you. Make sure you print directly from Acrobat when you are finished editing to insure formatting remains the same. While you can download Acrobat online you’re more than welcome to hand write your details – with a white pen perhaps?

Easter Brunch Bunny

To cut out your bunnies or baskets I recommend using a pair of nail scissors, they’ll make cutting out the centres of the baskets and getting around the curves of the bunny ears a breeze.

Easter Brunch Invite

And if you won’t be hosting a brunch this year but will be attending one, we’ve also made something for you – a sweet and simple easter card!

Easter Brunch Card