David & Hannah – Lovely Litte Details

We kick off this exciting week with David and Hannah’s Natal Midlands wedding. The dashing couple tied the knot in an open air ceremony surrounded by 80 of their loved ones.Hannah says her personal style is girly and she loves pastel colours. David on the other hand likes to keep things simple. But when they planned their wedding they met each other halfway. Hannah got all the pretty details and to accommodate David they added the simple wooden elements throughout the celebration.
We think that Hannah was the most beautiful bride. We just can’t get enough of her gorgeous dress and the over-sized headpiece. So gorgeous. Her dress was inspired by a picture of a dress she had found years before on a fashion blog. And with the help of a very skillful dressmaker, Hannah’s dream dress became a reality.Thanks Sam Maber for sending over this gem!

Tell us your love story.

We started out as good friends, I then moved to the UK for a year. Upon returning we started hanging out in the same social circle. At first I was hesitant, not wanting to ruin a good friendship. David being stubborn, decided not to give up and here we are seven years later. It was our anniversary that day, after leaving the restaurant, he asked if I would like to see what our new home looked like at night. Whilst walking around our new empty home, he asked if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

What were the highlights of your wedding day?

Having our nearest and dearest sharing our memorable day.

Any advice for brides-to-be?

Weddings can be overwhelming when you start to get into all the details that need to be done. I can definitely say take it one step at a time and don’t leave it all to the last two months, setting aside “to do” lists and ticking it off one at a time.

Where did you get most of your ideas and inspiration from?

I love going on blogs, so had gathered all inspiration over the years of what caught my eye, I also work in a creative environment and am constantly inspired day to day by fashion, typography and colours. They are all a great contributing factor when putting your mood board together.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome while organising your dream wedding?

I would have to say balancing a busy day job and still finding enough time to squeeze in the wedding plans too. That and not having enough hands to do more than one thing at a time. Also spreading out the costs over the months, it eases the budget. Rather than paying for everything all in one amount.

Did your wedding preparations include any DIY projects?

Being creative and making things make me happy, so I thought it would give the day more of a personal touch by making most of the needed things.A few months before the wedding, I allocated a task every evening of wedding DIY.- Making all the hanging tissue pom poms out of pattern paper.- Cutting and sewing the lace bunting for the aisle.- Sitting and sewing of the hessian and lace runners for the tables.I made the mustache template and frosted all the guys’ whiskey glasses and then got a friend to help cut a pattern and sew up the screen-printed canvas tote bags for the ladies.

Any hints for other brides on how to keep your wedding budget friendly?

Be inspired by blogs and don’t be afraid of adding a little DIY personal touches. It can save on hiring a vast amount of things, which do tend to add up.

What song did you choose for your opening dance and why?

We had Van Morrison’s Days Like This. The lyrics of the song just reflect on how we approach each day together, through the good and the bad.