Charlie & Caitlyn’s Cape Town e-session

I don’t think I will ever tire of looking at couples in love. And today we bring you Charlie and Caitlyn’s e-session. Without knowing them, or being at the shoot, I can tell you that they are smitten, head-over-heels in love with each other. To capture this special time in their lives, they asked Tiffany Burnham from Tifanny B Photography to photograph them all over Cape Town. Caitlyn says, “We really wanted our e-shoot to represent who we truly are as a couple – so we knew for sure it had to be set in the outdoors in the incredible setting that our beautiful city offers us. We wanted it to be as natural as possible and have our love for each other as well as our energy and passion for life shine through in the photos”. Congratulations to Charlie and Caitlyn who tied the knot a few weeks ago.

Tell us your love story, how did you meet?

Charlie and I met on 08-08-2008 – Eight has always been my lucky number and it turns out luck and fate were completely on our sides that night. We met in the most random and unexpected of places – whilst out one night at a bar. We caught each other’s eye from across the room and he came over to chat. After using some very entertaining pick-up lines, he had gotten my attention and made me laugh. We exchanged numbers and he called me the next day (several times until I finally had the guts to pick up) and he asked me out on a date. On our first date, we were completely at ease with each other and spoke for hours getting to know each other, and I saw immediately what a sincere and amazing person he was with an incredible sense of humour that had me laughing until my stomach ached. After that date there was a whirlwind of other dates and to be honest, he swept me off my feet. I had met my best friend and soul mate. I guess the rest is history :) We’ve been together for four wonderful years – we cannot wait to say our vows and start our own forever after in a few short weeks.

How did Charlie propose?

Charlie got down one knee and proposed to me while we were on summer holiday in Zanzibar in January this year. We were on a private beach late in the afternoon enjoying drinks from the little bar and playing our favourite board game, Scrabble. The sun was setting and we were finishing up a great game. It was Charlie’s turn to play, so I went and fetched us some drinks. I came back to see the scrabble board closed and as I placed the drinks next to the lounger Charlie got down on one knee and asked me to open the scrabble board. I did and he had written on it “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. I shrieked YES, of course, and burst into tears of joy! He had arranged the most spectacular dinner for us on the spa roof overlooking the sunset and ocean and later that evening we called our parents and nearest and dearest to tell them our exciting news. It was the most magical and romantic moment and evening, as I realised I would get to spend the rest of my life making him as happy as he makes me – he has the most phenomenal zest and passion for life, makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and most of all makes me want to be a better person every day.