A Beautifully Balanced Wedding Celebration

It’s January and we are celebrating a new theme – Beautiful Balance. 

For me, this wedding is a lovely example of a beautifully balanced occasion. From Riette’s gown – fairytale-whimsical but also so elegant – to the reception decor details which combine crisp, minimalistic simplicity with organic opulence. We love the unusual botanical elements and hanging copper lights contrasted with the simple white table settings – all tying together to create a balanced effect. 

Captured by Christine Meintjes and coordinated by Eduan of The Aleit Group, this is a daydream of a wedding!  

Their Story

Theuns and I met as little toddlers at his birthday party many years ago, when my family was still living in Johannesburg. We met again, many years later, while we were both students at the University of Stellenbosch. We became very good friends at first and it only turned into a romantic relationship much later on. Theuns came to work in Johannesburg while I was still finishing up my studies in Cape Town, and after that I started my first job in Durban, so we were in a long distance relationship for about three years, which I believe really cemented our love for each other. Finally, I moved up to Johannesburg to be with him.

The proposal happened in Hermanus on the Marine Hotel’s patio during our December holiday in 2013. Luckily, it was not very busy on this specific evening, so we could really be ourselves. Theuns wanted it to be a family affair, and December is the only time that everyone in our family is in the country and in one area. I had no idea that the proposal was coming as Theuns and my Mom had packed an overnight bag for me and snuck it in the car before we went for sundowners at the hotel where we spent the night. The following day we had a big family lunch, it was so special.

The Memorable Moments


The highlight for me was to have all our family and friends in one place for a big celebration! The church ceremony in the Moederkerk in Stellenbosch was another highlight. The atmosphere and the flowers in the church looked amazing. This church is very sentimental to both Theuns and I, as we have celebrated many special occasions there.


Being surrounded by all the people that are most special to us on our day. Another highlight was walking into the tent at our reception, with my new bride on my arm, and immediately beginning our first dance. It was so joyous to hear everyone cheering and applauding us, it really made us feel so happy and special.

The Style 

Theuns and I both love simple and clean lines, so we wanted to go for a modern look. We are both uncomplicated people and our only requirements were that the day was elegant yet simple, and that our guests were thoroughly spoilt.

The Dress

It took me quite a while to decide on a dress. I went to many wedding dress shops to try on different styles to see what worked on me. Eventually, I decided to ask Malcom and Christian from KlukCGDT to custom design my dress. They made the experience so pleasurable, it felt like I was visiting old friends at each fitting and I felt so special. In keeping with the wedding style, I wanted the dress to be simple with clean lines, no lace, and it had to be pink – just something a little bit different.

The Planning

I started planning the wedding from the moment that we got engaged. I did a lot of research on Pinterest, magazines and blogs, but I knew from the start which service providers I wanted to work with. I was very lucky to have worked with a bunch of people who understood what Theuns and I wanted on the day, and they made everything happen smoothly. In fact, the day exceeded my expectations, and I can truly say it was the happiest day of our lives!

Tips & Advice

Just enjoy the process, and don’t stress! Accept that you are going to spend more than what you wanted to, and that every little thing won’t be perfect. I think brides put themselves under way too much pressure to have the most perfect wedding. Don’t spend too much time overthinking small little things, do your research properly and be decisive.

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