We Travel with Rovos Rail

When trying to describe Rovos Rail, words like luxury, elegance, comfort and grand springs to mind. Not only does this extravagant train ride takes you back to a world of glamour and flair, but it shows off some of South Africa’s most treasured landmarks and captivating scenery. After enjoying the decadent and opulent lifestyle on board, combined with an enriching visual and cultural experience, you will leave this trip feeling like royalty.

Christine and Iaan had the privilege to enjoy a Rovos Rail trip in style, from Pretoria to Durban
. They shared some of their most memorable experiences with us, leaving the rest of the team yearning for a break away from life’s fast pace, to enjoy a glimpse into old world glamour and leisure.


On our arrival Iaan and I were welcomed with a glass of champagne at the private Rovos Rail waiting room in Pretoria. We were excited and curious about what this trip and weekend had in store. To our pleasant surprise we were shown to a spacious and beautifully decorated room, already exceeding our expectations. Sure, it was a train compartment, but this was like no other train. The room was fitted with it’s own mini bar, kettle, private bathroom and even a little wooden closet to hang up some of our fancy evening attire, specially packed for the exquisite dinners.
After we unpacked and settled in, our friendly hostess told us a little bit more about Rovos Rail and the route we were about to travel. We also received a beautiful map of South Africa, that we could use to track our journey. Being use to a GPS and google maps, this was for sure a refreshing way to locate ourselves, reminding us of a bygone era.

In today’s fast paced life, we hardly do things the slow way. We get from point A to B and move on, often overlooking our beautiful surroundings. This weekend was indeed going to be different. While the train moved through the midlands, we enjoyed reading in the Rovos lounge, while sipping on a cup of tea, complemented by a delicious slice of cake. Every night we were wined and dined with five-star cuisine, consisting of a three course meal and a wine pairing. And to top it all, we had to dress formally, which was quite fun!
It’s wonderful to see that, despite ups and downs, Rovos Rail is doing so well and has helped preserve much of our railway history.
Geoff Pethick


Two of the highlights of the trip was the stop over at Spioenkop, for a history lecture about the Anglo Boer War, which was very insightful! And a early morning safari in KwaZulu-Natal, where we saw 4 of the big 5, was also amazing.


The Rovos Rail is an experience like none other. It’s a great idea for a honeymoon, someone who needs a break from their fast paced life, or just someone who wants to enjoy the ride and not worry about any responsibilities for the whole weekend.
We have never looked back, although the scars of battle are always there, reminding me to never relax.
-Rohan Rovos
If you would like to be harked back to a time of elegance, class and African romance, Rovos Rail is the perfect travel experience for you. With nine different journeys to choose from, there is something to suite every taste and destination preference. You can choose between two nights in Durban or Cape Town, three nights at the Victoria Falls, and longer excursions like the Namibia SafariAfrican CollageGolf SafariDar es Salaam, or a 28 day trip to Cairo.
Over the years, the Rovos Rail brand extended, meaning that you can now also enjoy a stay in one of the St. James’s beachfront guesthouses, situated on the Southern Peninsula in Cape Town. For a panoramic view over South Africa’s scenic landscapes, guests can also enjoy a 13-day Air Safari in the DC3 aircraft- another extension of the successful Rovos brand.

Winter Special for South Africans:

Not convinced yet? We have some great news for eager local travellers, deciding to embark on a Rovos Rail trip. To enjoy the beautiful nature scenes in the midst of winter, Rovos has a 2-for-1 special on offer. You and your other half, a dear friend or a loved one, can choose between a trip to Cape Town, Durban, or the Victoria Falls, and only pay for one! This special also apply to the three St James’s guesthouses in Cape Town. To make a booking you can send an email to the Rovos Rail team: reservations@rovos.co.za or guesthouses@rovos.co.za.
For more information on Rovos Rail you can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.