Since the Pretty Blog celebrated a whole month of “I do’s” in August, here’s a great idea to say thank you to your guests after the wedding! Over at White Kite Studio, I made beautiful watercolour fridge calendars to turn your thank you cards into a functional home decorating gift. Pick from the light pink, minty green or grey to compliment the theme of your wedding, and slot one of your favourite wedding pictures in it.

These calendars can also be used to decorate your fridge with a great family photo, or on the office pin board with a photo of the team.

What you will need:

  • White Kite Studio calendar templates, choose your favourite colour
  • Sturdy printing paper
  • Steel rulerCutting knife
  • Cutting surface/matt
  • Postcard sized wedding photos (pick a photo that will go nicely with your choice of watercolour calendar)
  • Sticking magnet strips


  1. Print out the pink, green or grey template on thick white paper or have a good printer prints them for you if you need a lot.
  2. Using a steel ruler, cutting knife and cutting mat, cut out the calendars on the borders. Also cut little slots on the grey stippled lines as indicated on the template.
  3. Slid your postcard photo into the slots.
  4. Paste a magnet strip in each corner at the back of the calendar.

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