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When I take a relaxing bath, soaking up the suds is not what I aim for – as some commercial bubble baths tend to strip your skin of its natural oils. Whilst bath salts tend to do the opposite. According to inspiring, natural beauty and wellness blogger Amanda Cook from Vintage Amanda Epsom- and sea salts can be combined with essential oils to create a luxurious bathtime treat that is both nourishing and uplifting.
This principle is what I have based my recipe for the following Relaxing Herbal Bath Soak on. While she recommends simply adding the ingredients into your bath water, I love to have mine pre-mixed and on hand. This recipe combines Epsom and coarse sea salt with jojoba oil and some fresh lavender flowers. The salts not only act as your base, but they also offer a detoxifying effect. Jojoba oil is added to the mix to soothe itchy winter skin and lavender flowers for their calming quality.
Homemade bath salts also make a lovely gift if you want to spoil a loved one. To make the homemade gift extra special you can use the beautiful floral packaging and tags designed by Nelia from Nooi Stationery. You can download it here.

You will need:

  • 1 cup of Epsom Salts
  • 1 cup of coarse Sea Salt
  • 2 tbsp. of Jojoba Oil
  • a hand-full of dried Lavender
  • clean bowl for mixing
  • spoon
  • sterilised jar (to keep your mixture in)


  1. Combine the salts in a bowl with two tablespoons of Jojoba Oil.
  2. Crush the dried Lavender with your fingers and add into the mixture.
  3. Once it is mixed well, scoop the mixture into a sterilised jar.

*Be sure to add to a few scoops of your bath water before bathing. If required, you can add some extra Jojoba Oil to the bathwater with the balth salts.


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