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Temperatures are soaring as the southern hemisphere gears up, once again for a sizzling summer season. Many of us will hit the road in search for a dreamy holiday destination. In the spirit of those who will not be exploring new horizons, yet rather relax, entertain and enjoy all the festivities at home, we decided to entice you with inspiration for sprucing up your ‘stay-cation.’

Your home, especially during the holiday season, should be a visually happy space that allows you to stretch out, relax, and enjoy comfort and luxury in a beautiful surrounding. Weylandts certainly comes to mind when we envision such a space as they specialise in contemporary furniture and unique décor accessories, offering an eclectic range of original designs, antique treasures and ethnic artworks.

When entertaining your friends and family they should feel welcome and in awe of your hospitality and domestic flair. To help you spoil yourself and your loved ones, Weylandts have introduced a striking range of tableware for those long lazy summer lunches and sociable dinners. Every item is exquisitely handmade, unique and special, so you can be sure that your new possessions will radiate with artisan love and individuality.

On the top of Chris Weylandts’ ‘it’ list is The ‘tricolore’ Splash range as it’s perfect for outdoor summer lunches. It visually takes one to ‘pools of blue, clouds of white and a squeeze of lemon. Nature in great abundance’ as Chris describes it. We especially love their blue and white stoneware ceramic range which gets hand turned by skilled ceramic artists in the traditional way.

As warm summer’s days, turn into breezy summer dinners, Weylandts is certainly the go-to destination for good lighting. Even the most basic, natural and simple candlelight can be stylishly dressed in any of Weylandts selection of candleholders, lanterns and candle stands. We love their collection of tealite holders lined with metallic foiling that glow enigmatically when lit but for the more classic and modern of heart, their selection of clear glass Dutz vases is perfect for simple white pillar candles. The Sheesham Lantern is one that works great as a set, planted among green foliage on your patio, around your pool, or on your table.

 Every item is exquisitely handmade, unique and special, so you can be sure that your new possessions will radiate with artisan love and individuality.
Weylandts has certainly pulled out the stops to bring you heaps of fun and flair to help you entertain your guests this season and if you don’t believe us, go check out the entire collection of orange and turquoise resin moulded neo-Baroque candle holders, Buddha busts, sugar bowls and espresso cups, complete with a crawling line of ants. Help yourself to some festive spirit, and stop over at Weylandts this holiday for some serious retail therapy. For more on Weylandts find them on Facebook. 

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