How to Print Your Own Gift Wrapping Paper

Today we join sweet Melissa from Melissa Louise Lifestyle & Interior, and the girls from Zana to show us how to print gift wrapping paper. Melissa says. “Christmas is our most favourite time of year! Fairy lights, good food, family, friends and of course beautifully wrapped gifts! This is super easy and a great way to get in the festive spirit, or even to keep the kids busy over the holidays.

What You Will Need

  • A large rubber  (eraser)
  • Pencil
  • Lino cutting tools (available at most art supply stores)
  • Ink pads (colour of your choice) We bought ours from Elephantshoe
  • Brown paper
  • String and gift tags


  1. Draw the design of your print onto the rubber. Keep in mind carving a stamp is not all that easy, so rather keep your design quite geometric or simple. Avoid intricate detailed designs. Alternatively you can simply use a small round rubber to make a polkadot pattern.
  2. Use a lino cutting tool to carve out the “background”. Keep in mind the negative and positive space of your carved stamp, what you carve away is what you aren’t going to see once stamped.
  3. The stamp is now ready. Spread out the paper on a flat surface.
  4. Press the stamp onto the ink pad.
  5. Stamp the design all over the paper and leave to dry.