Designer’s Cape Town Nest – Home Tour

How does someone like me, write an intro for the home feature of one of South Africa’s most promising creatives? The answer is,  you don’t, you let the photos “do the talking”. And Yolandé sure took some beautiful shots at Cape Town Designer, Etienne Hanekom’s Cape Town home. 
The girls were met with a big smile and a warm cup of tea.We were so grateful that this former art director at Visi and award winning interior designer, took the time to let us snap away his “nest”. It’s bold, edgy and a little eccentric, but mostly inspiring.

What best describes your style?

I would say eclectic? Although that sounds like a hippie. It’s a mix of dead and alive. Old and new. Shiny and matt. Not glamorous.

What are you inspired by?

Shapes, colours and material used.

I love my home because of…

It’s my nest. And everything I own I chose to have. So it’s a big part of me and who I am.

My home DIY projects include…

Painting, Building, stripping, transforming, mixing. masking

I splurged on…

I don’t really have anything expensive in my house, Most are bargain finds, I am a complete bargain hunter and like doing a deal or a trade

My advice for other home decor enthusiasts is…

Create your own style. Feel comfortable in your own skin. We have created a copy nation. Break away from that.

My biggest challenge is …

To stop. I cant stop. I am a Hoarder

What do you love most about your home?

It feels like home, and I am totally comfortable in it.