Cosy Farm Cottage {Home Décor}

I met Rina-Marie the first time in 2003 as first year student at chef school. I remember being very impressed with her quirky style. Nine years later and Rina-Marie is now married to Niel and living on a farm outside Stellenbosch, and she has not lost her great sense of style and creativity one bit. When we launched this series, Rina-Marie was one of the names that immediately popped into my head. So I asked her if we could shoot her house, and she kindly agreed. Rina-Marie and Niel live in a lovely cottage on Overgaauw farm, called The Shepherd’s Cottage. It’s tradition on the farm that the newly married couple live in that cottage for two years. Rina-Marie’s in-laws and Niel’s sisters all stayed in this cosy cottage. Niel’s grandfather is to thank for all the beautiful shutters with the heart shaped cut-out.
When we were oohing and aahing about her gorgeous house, Rina- Marie modestly replied that they inherited most of the furniture, but I know it’s not that simple. It’s quite an art to combine lost different pieces in order to create a look that works. Thanks Rina-Marie for opening your home to us. If you’re in the Stellenbosch area be sure to pop in for a wine tasting at Overgaauw. Rina is also an amazing chef so if you need a caterer for a function or wedding do give her a shout. Another big thank you to Claudia de Nobrega for taking all the gorgeous pictures.

How would you describe your style?

Well, we inherited, restored or revamped most of the furniture we have. My mother-in-law gave us a few great pieces when they moved off the farm into a new home. So it’s a mixture of many different styles that include both old and new. In that case I suppose my style could be described as eclectic

Did you take on any DIY projects in your new home?

Yes, my husband devised an extra kitchen counter with a built in sink. We also painted a pine dresser bright yellow. It used to be in my room when I was still at school, but now it’s quite comfortable in our living room. I also made sheer linen curtains for the big farmhouse windows.

What your most prised possession in your home.

The three Shany van den Berg paintings above our fireplace. It was a gift from my parents on my 21st birthday. The two wood and leather chairs in our living room, that used to belong to my husband’s grandfather, also has a very special place in my heart.