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  • I would like to send you a press pack, what is your postal address?

    That is so kind of you! Please submit your details through the form on the left and select the “PR” contact option. We will get back to you with our details.

    Like all girls, we love to receive freebies and beautiful things, but please note that we do not guarantee any publicity. We will however send out some social media love, if we like what you sent us.

  • Can we have your phone number?

    The best way to get in touch with us, is via email. Please complete the form on the left, and we’ll be in touch soon.

  • Who created your blog?

    Our website is developed & maintained by a local company called PlusPlusMinus. The gorgeous design was done by an Austin based company called Handsome.

  • Can you help me find service providers in my area?

    Sure, we would love to help. Even though we are not wedding planners, we can possibly point you in the right direction. Please contact us through our form on the left, be as specific as possible and please remember to state your location.

    Before you mail us, remember to have a look under our directory section for amazing service providers.

  • Can you review my product please?

    We love new products and would love to know more about yours, but unfortunately we don’t do reviews. We do however offer some creative native advertising options and product placement options. Please contact us through our “Advertise with us” form and we’ll send you more details.

  • I'm starting to blog. Do you have any advice?

    Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts with others. Depending on the purpose of your blog, we suggest you always focus on quality content and beautiful photography. Make sure you always give credit where credit is due. Build it with passion and always make friends on the internet.

  • Do you publish press releases?

    Unfortunately we don’t publish press releases. We do however offer some creative native advertising options and product placement options. Please contact us through our “Advertise with us” form and we’ll send you more details.

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The Pretty Blog believes in partnering with companies and individuals who are passionate, creative and innovative. If you are looking for a loyal audience who will get excited about the content we share, you have found the right place.

We take great pride in carefully curating all our content to stay true to The Pretty Blog voice and we apply the same principle when it comes to collaborating with companies.

The Pretty Blog offers different advertising options depending on your company’s needs and budget.
If you feel your brand’s identity will appeal to our readers, please complete our advertising application form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.


Terms and conditions:

  • The Pretty Blog has a limited amount of advertising space. If there is currently no space available, we will place you on a waiting list.
  • The Pretty Blog reserves the right to curate our advertisers and therefore we only accept a select few companies on our website.
  • All artwork MUST complement the site’s aesthetics and are subject to approval.
  • The Pretty Blog reserves the right to review and approve all content prior to the placement on the site. If we don’t think your design fits in with the aesthetic of The Pretty Blog, we will ask you to send another version. This is for your benefit, as we want our readers to click on your ad.


  • Why should I advertise with you?

    The Pretty Blog has seen a tremendous growth in readership in the past three years. With a loyal readership and very strong social media following (currently one of the top 3 Pinterest accounts in South Africa), we believe we can add tremendous value to other companies and brands. We therefore offer a wide variety of advertising options.

    If you feel your product or service is a good match for The Pretty Blog audience, we’d love to hear from you.

  • How do I advertise with you?

    If you would like to advertise with us, please complete the form and we’ll get back to you soon.

    (Please note that you need at least a website or Facebook Page, to advertise with us.)

  • What are the costs involved?

    We have a wide variety of different options available for people who feel they want to advertise with us. We offer different options from directory listings for smaller companies, to sponsored posts, give aways and category sponsorship.

    Please fill in the form for more information.

Write About Us

If you want to show us some love by telling your readers about The Pretty Blog, we will be super thrilled. To make your life a little easier, we have composed a short summary of basic information that you might find useful. If you want to do a personal interview with Christine or Nicola, from The Pretty Blog, then kindly complete the form below, and we will get back to you pronto.



The Facts:

After a year’s chats over many cups of coffee, Christine Meintjes and Nicola Pretorius decided to finally build what they called The Pretty Blog. This dream was inspired by Christine’s involvement in the wedding industry. Meeting with brides on a regular basis, Christine realised there was a huge need for a digital platform, where all brides could be inspired and connected to great service providers.

The blog was launched on July 5th 2010, as an inspirational wedding blog. From the start they envisioned a website that not only inspired brides, but rather a website that incorporated inspiration for all the aspects of a woman’s life.

The Pretty Blog readers are mainly women who appreciate creativity, enjoy hearty, home-cooked meals, find joy in creating a beautiful home, want to entertain her friends with a few simple homemade eats, enjoy spending some time on DIY projects and share the vision of looking at the pretty side of life.

The Pretty Blog started out as a blog, with a few articles per week, which soon turned into a daily digital publication. The Pretty Blog was built for the reader and the entrepreneur alike. Our articles inspire the everyday girl to be creative and opened up a world where entrepreneurs can showcase their talent and products.

Designer and journalist, Bianca Packham (currently working for House & Leisure magazine) was one of our first contributors to come on board for our very popular DIY section. Currently our contributors include seven DIY creatives, two foodies and eight photographers. And we intend to grow our contributors to even more creatives.

In 2012 we introduced our lifestyle articles, consisting of weekly recipes and real home tours. In the same year, Carla van Heerden joined our team to become the first employee of The Pretty Blog. Carla has since relocated to Johannesburg and along with her administrative tasks, she is now the face of The Pretty Blog in the Gauteng area.

February 2013 we expanded the team as Anneke Roux, stylist extraordinaire and owner of Anna H came on board, as a part-time member. Carin Stephan also joined us as creative assistant and recently Roeleen Sieberhagen was employed to take charge of our marketing and sales.

Behind the scenes, Christine’s husband and entrepreneur, Iaan van Niekerk plays a key part in all things technical and business-related. He has been involved with The Pretty Blog from the very start, and the girls consult with him daily. The other very important team member is our web developer and engineer, Sergio Pellegrini. He is the man who makes the magic happen.

In August 2013, our dream of having five dedicated divisions on The Pretty Blog came true when we launched our new website, consisting of the following dedicated sections:

  • Wedding: it’s all about the big day.
  • Food & Wine: featuring our recipes and food articles.
  • Style & Home: where readers can find home and shop tours, as well as all our inspirational decor-related features.
  • Family & Kids: section is where we feature heaps of gorgeous kiddie ideas, shoots and products.
  • Travel: where you can dream and plan to visit some beautiful locations.


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Photos of the Founders

A selection of high-res photos of both founders, together and individually, are available to download below.
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  • Are The Pretty Blog girls available to do an interview?

    Sure! Our office is situated in the Cape Winelands and if you are willing to meet up in Somerset West, we’d love to offer you a cup of coffee. However, many times we might need to spend a few more hours in front of the computer and in those times, we’d prefer to conduct the interview over email.

  • I would like to invite The Pretty Blog girls to a function / launch. Who can I email?

    We would love to attend your event (if our schedules can permit it).

    If your event is in South Africa, please complete the form on the “Contact Us” page.

    If your event is in another part of the world, we’ll unfortunately have to decline, unless you invite includes a plane ticket :)

  • I would like to send The Pretty Blog girls some products / PR media pack?

    That is so kind of you! Please submit your details through the form on the left and select the “PR” contact option. We will get back to you with our details.

    Like all girls, we love to receive freebies and beautiful things, but please note that we do not guarantee any publicity. We will however send out some social media love, if we like what you sent us.

  • Can you please send me The Pretty Blog logo?

    We’ve made this part very easy for you, you’re welcome to download the logo below.

  • Can you please send me photos of Christine and Nicola?

    You’re welcome to download high resolution images (for print), as well as low resolution (for web) images below under our photo pack.

Submit Something Pretty

Thank you for visiting The Pretty Blog. We feel honoured that you want to share something beautiful with us, and we can’t wait to go through all the beautiful photos. Remember you can submit stories to all five our categories: Wedding, Food & Wine, Style & Home, Travel and Kids & Family.

We receive lots and lots of submissions, but if you stick to the guidelines below, you will not only make us very happy, but you will also speed up the whole process and better your chances of getting featured. If we do not receive all the information we need, we sadly have to put your submission on the back-burner. So kindly read through the guidelines and complete the form below.



To create the perfect submission, please stick to these guidelines:

  • Please remember that we only accept photos that have been captured by a professional photographer.
  • We favour images that are clean and simple with minimalistic editing.
  • If the photos have not been published on a blog, then you are welcome to give us the link to a PASS gallery (if you are a photographers and you are not already using this, make sure you get this App) or a Dropbox album.
  • We prefer to feature stories that have not been published elsewhere, but for the right submission we might make an exception. So do get in touch, and just tell us where it has been published.
  • Make sure you send us a variety of your best photos (from the bride adjusting her veil to the first dance). We need to tell a story.
  • We love simple, editorial type photos. They look spectacular in a gallery and balance out busier photos.
  • To approve a submission we need about 80-150 images for weddings and styled shoots, and 50-80 photos for all other submissions.
  • All images need to be saved in sRGB format to ensure true colour reflection of the original images. If you save in any other format, The Pretty Blog will not be liable for the display of colour changes on your images.
  • Make sure you credit all the service providers/vendors involved in the shoot.
  • If you are a service provider, please ensure that your client and the photographer has given permission for you to submit the shoot.
  • Please give us a detailed description of the event/shoot in the form below.


  • Does The Pretty Blog only feature wedding related shoots and events?

    Nope. The Pretty Blog also showcases shoots related to our other sections, like home, food, kids, travel etc. If you have any lifestyle ideas, stories or events to share, please let us know.

  • Do you feature everything that gets submitted?

    Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, most submissions are not featured. We have curation process through which we select content. To increase your chances of being featured, and to find out more about our style and requirements, please have a careful read though the submission guidelines on the left. 

    Please also note, we try and share a variety of shoots on our blog, so if you’re not accepted the first time, please get in touch with us again!

  • How do I get my wedding on The Pretty Blog?

    Oh we would just love to share in the excitement of your big day! If you would like to tell us about you wedding, please ensure that you read through our submission requirements, and then complete the form below.

  • How do I get my products on The Pretty Blog?

    We write about the things we love. If you think we’ll love your business or product, then simply complete the form on the left and choose the “other” in the drop-down menu. Alternatively contact us  for creative sponsorship options.


  • I’ve submitted something for your blog, and have not heard back from you?

    Even though we wish we could respond to each person within seconds, we unfortunately don’t have enough team members at this stage. Please be assured each email is important to us, but we get hundreds of submissions every week and we review each submission personally. Unfortunately this takes time.

    Please allow two weeks for us to reply to your submission. If you have not heard anything back from us in two weeks please fill in the “Contact Us” form and select the Editorial option to track your submission.

  • Does The Pretty Blog only write about South African products and weddings?

    Nope, we feature pretty bits from all over the world!

  • My work was featured on The Pretty Blog. Do you have a badge that I can share on my site?

    Yes we do! We would love to see our name on your website. Please fill in the contact us form and we’ll send you the badges.

  • I wasn’t credited in a post. Can you please add my name?

    Of course, we believe in sharing the love. If this happened to you, please note the information we shared, was given to us by the person submitting the article or shoot. But we apologise and would love to add your name. Please fill in the “Contact Us” form and select the Editorial option.

    Please allow 24 hours for changes to be made.

  • I have been credited incorrectly, can you please fix it?

    Sure we can. Please fill in the “Contact Us” form and select the Editorial option, with the correct information along with a link to the published article. Please allow 24 hour for changes to be made.

  • My photographer does not have a blog, can I still submit my wedding?

    Of course, simply upload your photos to Dropbox or Send us a PASS Gallery and include the link in your submission.

  • I'm advertising on The Pretty Blog, does that guarantee that my submission will be accepted?

    All The Pretty Blog advertisers are carefully curated and handpicked! So if you have been approved by our team, congratulations! This means we see value in your services, and would love to recommend you to our wonderful readers.

    We have taken lots of care to build a beautiful directory, where readers can find your services. We also strive to give you the best exposure possible, and in our efforts to do so we are continually looking for ways to improve and increase your exposure on the blog.

    We encourage our advertisers to submit their work to us, and we really love seeing the work that you do. But please note that advertising with us, and being featured in an editorial article are two different things. In other words, advertising with us, does not guarantee that your submissions will be accepted.

    Since we’ve decided to keep our editorial articles limited to 1-2 posts a day, we can only accommodate a fraction of the submissions we receive. Furthermore we look at three things when considering if a submission is suitable for The Pretty Blog. Firstly whether it complements our monthly theme, secondly whether it resonates with our reader, and lastly whether or not we have recently featured something similar.

    So if we do not accept your submission, it does not necessarily mean that we don’t think your work is of a great standard.  It simply means we cannot accommodate you due to the above mentioned factors.

    Please do not be discouraged when your work is not accepted the first time, continue sending us your work. We have had photographers who were submitting for a year and a half before their first feature was published on The Pretty Blog.

    We hope you can understand and will continue to produce great work, while supporting The Pretty Blog in showcasing outstanding inspirational features.

    If you like specific feedback on a submission, please feel free to mail us.

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