The Pretty Blog is a leading online lifestyle publication for women. What started out as a wedding inspiration hub in June 2010, soon turned into a fully fledged lifestyle platform, inspiring readers from all over the world.

The Pretty Blog isn’t just a blog, it’s a business with a heart beat – a platform where readers are inspired, brands connect with their audiences and creatives showcase work and build global networks … And where authentic prettiness underlines everything.

The content includes weekly recipes, home & decor inspiration, real weddings, travel features and gorgeous giveaways.

The Pretty Blog has been featured in numerous national and international publications, appeared on national television and we’re proud to say we’ve been awarded multiple awards. But we’re the proudest of our ever growing loyal audience.

The Pretty Blog is run from Stellenbosch, South Africa, by international photographer Christine Meintjes and a team of creatives.

(While you page through The Pretty Blog, you might think you’re only looking at pretty words and pictures, but at the core it’s all little ones and zeros keeping our content together. So a little shout out and HUGE THANKS to the two amazingly dedicated guys behind Plus Plus Minus, our in-house development team. Without you there would be no pretty.)