Over the past six years, we’ve come to really know our audience. We officially ‘speak pretty’. It’s a unique language and we know how to speak it really well. Being owned and run by Christine Meintjes, an international, award winning wedding and lifestyle photographer, our content has a very strong emphasis on high quality lifestyle images.

What makes us different from many other online publications is that we only showcase stories (whether it’s personal or brand related) that tie in 100% with our aesthetic and brand values. With a very strong curation approach, The Pretty Blog only showcases stories that are relevant to our audience. We believe in partnering with brands that trust our approach and allows us to translate their brand into a message that will appeal and resonate with our audience. We have become the daily read for 130 000 unique monthly visitors, that keep coming back because they trust us for picking only the best products, services, people and companies; rather than continuously ‘spamming’ them with media releases. In short, The Pretty Blog has become their ‘best girl friend’, sharing ideas, places,products and services that only ‘she’ would personally use, invest and buy.

The Pretty Blog has been featured in numerous national and international publications, appeared on national television and we’re proud to say we’ve been awarded multiple awards. But we’re the proudest of our ever growing loyal audience.

The Pretty Blog is run from Stellenbosch, South Africa, by a team of 11 dedicated people.

Our stats (September 2016)

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Some Proud Moments:

– Winner of Best Photographic & Best Overall Blog by the SA Travel Blog Awards

– Named as one of the top blogs in the world by NYC based blogging authority, Bloglovin’
– Best DIY blog in the whole of Africa – AfricaBlogAwards by Webfluentials

– Named one of the top 15 South African blogs for Best ROI for Influencer Marketing by Webfluentials
– Best Photographic blog in the whole of Africa – AfricaBlogAwards by Webfluentials
– No. 1 Pinterest account owned by a company in SA (we’re in the Top 10,others being individuals)

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(While you page through The Pretty Blog, you might think you’re only looking at pretty words and pictures, but at the core it’s all little ones and zeros keeping our content together. So a little shout out and HUGE THANKS to the two amazingly dedicated guys behind Plus Plus Minus, our in-house development team. Without you there would be no pretty.)